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MANDii + MiKE = FOREVER <33 [entries|friends|calendar]

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SO0O MAD ! [5/12/05 - 3:23 pm]
[ mood | mad =x ]

wow im soo mad right now! =x

my dumb french teacher is saying that i wrote ont he wall next to my seat "AMANDA IS A BITCH and SOAD IS A SLUT" first off why am i gonna write my name saying im a bitch how the hell am i gonna put my self down like that. and second why an i gonna write my like bestfriend is a slut. come on bro. oh and also that i punched the way and made a hole. wtf? that hoe is on crack! its soo funny. anyways she said she was gonna call my mom and send me to an AP's office i was like ok do it. my teacher is just dumb kuz watch let her try and write me up. wow i already told my mom and my mom is gonna call her and bitch. anyways that really just fucked up my day.

<33 yall

amanda <3s michael

p.s - :: waves :: to kat

the wall i punched. kuz i have soo many problems i go around punching things.Collapse )

love him // 8

[4/20/05 - 4:26 pm]
i really havnt had the time to update all that much. so here i go. last week i went to orlando for state com. for FCCLA. heather and i got first place which means we are going to Cali. =D soo happy. clarene got 2. we all did a good job. it was soo much fun.

me and babe r great. =D couldnt be any better. last week we made 3 months. wow 3 months. seems much much longer. im soo happy with him. i love him.

im going to try to make a new layout and stuff.

well pretty much that's it. that's all that's been going on.

sorry soo short.

<33- mandi
love him // 4

[4/5/05 - 5:36 pm]
i havnt writen in a long time. so i'll start with yesturday....

when i got home babe called me and was talking to me asking what i was gonna do at night and i was like be home what else. so right then i knew something was up or that he had to tell me something. so i was asking him and kept on. but he didnt tell me. so later on when i got home from the store with my mom. i called him telling me if he doesnt tell me im not gonna talk to him for the rest of the day. so he was like babe wait wait its on the tip of my tounge im like well spit it out !! and then he was liek babe you really wanna know? open the door! he was there with a card and a present for me!! <33 so sweet. the card was super cuters! and the present was a poem he wrote for me in a frame for me room. <33 i love him.

<33 the poem <33
Babe, my love for you
Is indescribable
It’s so hard to explain
But I know one thing is for sure
And it’s that I love you
More than anything in the world

Sweetheart, my love for you
Is so great
That I smile at you with a mouthful of chocolate
Without caring one bit
Because I know you will look back
And smile too
But I know one thing
And it’s that my love for you will last forever

Amanda, what a pure and beautiful name
My love for you is true
You’re on my mind every second
And it’s as if you’re with me all the time
But I know one thing
You’ll always be in my heart
And I will always love you
Just like I did from the start

school- next week to go to orlando for state comp. for my club. wish me good luck.

i got psp7 now and i'm hooked on making icons. im such a nerd.

kathy if your reading i love you!! <33

umm .... april fools wasnt good. babe got me soo bad. i give him props. he told me he got in a fight at school. what a dummy. i got my mom. haha. then she got me and babe both on sunday. what a dork.

well i guess thats it. dont forget to comment

love him // 5

[3/30/05 - 8:02 pm]
HEY. I havn't really updated in a real long time. So pretty much i don't know where to start off. So I'll make this one short.

Mike and I are great. I'm soo in love with him. =D We make 3 months soon. <33.

I got my report card today. 3 A's 2 C's and 1 D. I did bad =\. Hopefully this nine weeks I do really good.

Me and Kathy are speaking again. =D I love that girl !

I gotta go I'll update for real next time. <33 Gotta do homework.

<33 amanda
love him // 1

[3/21/05 - 3:13 pm]
i'll update another day.

babe and i <33Collapse )
love him // 12

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